The Day the Music Died, Part 2

So I’ve been anti-ipod. I admit it is well designed, I’m just not a fan of how Apple is controlling the their format. It is pretty tightly locked down. I kind of see it similar to the idea that if I needed a TV made by NBC to watch shows on NBC. If I wanted to watch something on ABC, I would need a different TV made by ABC. That is kinda of what Apple has done with their format. I have no desire to be locked into their format.

So, in that light… when I went shopping for my first MP3 player a few years back, I ended up purchasing a Rio Karma. Truly a sweet little player. It’s about the size of a hockey puck. At the time, it was smaller than pretty much anything else that held 20 GB. I bought it at Best Buy, and thinking, hey, this is essentially a hard drive that I’ll be carrying around, I’ll get the extended warranty. It paid off. About a year or so later, it died.

Now I was still a fan of the Karma and wasn’t willing to give into the ipod mania. But this was the tail end of the when they were making Karma’s and when I went shopping, I couldn’t find a replacement. I decided to wait… Finally, I found them at Amazon, on clearance, at half-price. I picked my replacement and have been happy ever since.

Tonight, I’m sad once again. Driving home from Monona tonight, the replacement died. I’ll try to resurrect it once again tomorrow, but the prognosis doesn’t look good.

[02/27/06] Update:
Looks like my player may not be completely dead. I managed to get it running again tonight. I guess I’ll have to see if it keeps working.

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