When a Stranger Calls

I headed out last night and saw the movie When A Stranger Calls. Earlier in the week I had watched Final Destination 3, so my expectations for this second “horror” movie in week were sufficiently low. I never expect much from this genre, but usually end up enjoying them for either their intended purpose (to scare me) or for their unintended purpose (to make fun of). Seeing as how Final Destination 3 had kinda of been a bit disappointing, I didn’t expect much.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. Now by no means I’m I saying go watch this movie now, but they did take a pretty basic formula and churn out a movie that kept me entertained for nearly 90 minutes. It was short, but I’ll just assume that they kept it short because they didn’t have anything else that was decent to add, and realized that, making it a very wise move. If they had tried stretching this out another 10 or 15 minutes, it probably would have been painfully bad.

Well worth watching at some point in time if you like a horror movie every now and then. Put it on your Netflix queue or catch it on HBO (or whatever) when they’ll likely be playing it quite a bit this Halloween.

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