Final Destination 3

Just got back from watching this movie. Now I didn’t expect to be wowed, I just looking for the corny, bad, horror movie. Even with those expectations, it is still kinda a mixed bag when I try to decide was it good or not. The first 2 Final Destinations were alright. I had to give them credit for originality in the way they would “off” the various characters. But I just didn’t think they managed to keep their level of creativity up. I don’t know if it is the novelty has worn off after two movies, or now, having seen Saw and Saw 2 (which I have to give kudos to for creative ways to torture and kill people) that there is just a higher level of creativity I demand now.

I guess I’ll just say that if you enjoyed the first couple Final Destinations, you’ll probably enjoy this one, just don’t go drop $10 at the theatre. Probably just bet to wait for it on Netflix. It’ll be there in a month or two.

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