Kingdom of Heaven

I watched the movie Kingdom of Heaven last night. It was a movie I had been looking forward to as one of the more interesting movies coming out. I didn’t know much about other than it was about the Crusades, which I personally don’t know a lot about.

I would have a hard time saying it is a great movie, but I did enjoy it. To the best of my knowledge (which is limited) it appeared to be somewhat accurate and I thought did a good portrayal of life in the 1100’s. The characters were pretty well thought out and by the end of the movie I cared about the characters. The action scenes were pretty well done as well.
The annoying teenagers sitting behind who whispered constantly throughout the show commented about one of the battle scenes… “this is the Lord of the Rings”.

One aspect of the movie I particularly liked, although I’m pretty sure it was intended, but done very subtly was the social commentary about the state of the world today, which unfortunately, isn’t that different from today’s world. People of different religions fighting over land and I would ask for what purpose. The land has religious significance to both religions, which I can understand, but is the is the religious significance worth the now countless lives on both sides? This movie does some quiet commentary on this that I wish more people would hear.

Final verdict… Matinee. Good story, good action and characters that I ended up caring about. It was a little long, but thinking back, I don’t know what could be cut or trimmed.

Edit… Upon further reflection. Matinee if you like time period/historic epic movies. Otherwise I would have to downgrade to a new release rental.

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