I watched yet another movie last Friday, as typical for this time of year. This week it was Mindhunters. The sad part is I had to check the movie schedule to “remind” myself what I watched because I couldn’t remember off the top of my head. It isn’t that bad of sign though… I watch a lot of movies and can’t always keep track of them.

I heard on the radio earlier that day that this movie had been sitting in the can for two years and was now finally being released and that is never a good sign for a movie. I was still upbeat though. I had seen the previews and the movie looked interesting. Plus, how can a movie with Ice Man (Val Kilmer in Top Gun) and Hard Harry (Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume) and the blond chick from Cold Case (?) really be that bad?

Truth be told, it was an OK movie. It wasn’t that original (place people into a confined space– house, island, prison, etc) and make one of them into a not so nice person who wants to make the movie interesting by killing the others. Everyone who watches movies has seen this plot before, but they did an alright job of doing this plot again. The movie kept you guessing and had enough plot twists to make it entertaining. Unfortunately, it isn’t that memorable of a movie, as I mentioned earlier.

Not much else to say about other than this is a movie that will make worthy rental when it comes out on DVD.

Next on my list… Episode III aka SW:ROTS.

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