1) Total films on video and video:
Guess-ta-mating about 250. Not exactly sure and don’t have the time to count right now. With multiple disc sets, I’m probably near 325. Throw in about 25 more for video tapes.

2) Last film I bought:
A tie between Big Fish and Miracle… They were purchased at the same time. I guess Miracle would be the true last film since I found Big Fish first and the Best Buy guy had to dig in the back for Miracle.

3) Last film I watched:
Mindhunters… See my earlier post for a review.

4) 5 Films that Mean A Lot to Me:
Most of these movies aren’t necessarily the best movies ever, but they all entertaining, and some even can be considered some of the best movies ever, or least best of their genre.
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – just like these movies. They aren’t the best films ever made, but they are entertaining to watch and I’ve watched them a lot and I consider them a single movie in my heart.
LOTR – once again, another trilogy. Loved the book and the movies didn’t disappoint, despite the changes that were made. Once again it is a single movie in my opinion and one of the best movies ever.
Top Gun – I find myself quoting this movie a lot, even in every day conversations. Watched it countless times in college and still find myself drawn to it when it is on TV. I watched most of it just yesterday. By far the best film in the classic Cruise genre. (Days of Thunder is another Cruise movie that I enjoy as well. Both these movies are vintage Cruise and much better than most of his more recent films.)
Pulp Fiction – Great movie. Great soundtrack. Tarantino at his finest. Not that the other Tarintino films aren’t excellent as well, but this is the movie that really turned me on to him. I then went back to watch Reservoir Dogs which is also a great picture. Kill Bill rocked and both Dogs and Bill also have phenomenal soundtracks.
Swingers – It isn’t often that a movie will define it’s own genre… There are chick flicks (notice the plural) and there is the guy flick (notice it isn’t plural). This is truly the only guy flick in existence, so by default it is the best of it’s genre. Other movies have tried to be guy flicks but don’t even make it into the genre. And if another movie finally does make successfully into the guy flick genre, it will have a very tough time dethroning the reigning guy flick champ.

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