Ice Footing

The boys (and girl) from Beaver Dam suited up early this year, hitting the water on March 21st this year. The lake had thawed just enough so that there was open water on one side while ice covered the rest. With the exception of Sarah who just wore  a shorty, the rest suited up in their drysuits doing their best impressions of the Stay Puft Marshallmellow Man to enjoy a bright sunny day on the still very cold water.

Cold Feet

The air on this day was in the 40s while the water was dangerously close to freezing. Be sure to watch all the way to the end where you see why you don’t go out on thin ice.

Thanks for the video Tommy!

First Person Perspective

AreaMike of Barefoot Ski Dot Com posted another video using his GoPro video camera. I have to give some props to provide a new perspective on video to me. I don’t think I’ve seen first person LONG LINE deep water videos before. Thinking about it, I haven’t seen about half of this perspective before and I’ve done hundreds, if not thousands of deep water starts… I’ve realized that I close my eyes until I’m on top of the water sitting up. Here’s one of his latest videos showing this unique perspective.

More Cold Water Footing

What I think would be interesting to see is someone that can do the sick freestyle tricks strap one of these cameras to their chest and give us a first person perspective of jumping out boats, side slides, dolphin starts (that could be really challenging with a camera on your chest, overhead 360’s, etc. I’ve got a feeling that those videos would like induce motion sickness in a lot of people… still be fun to watch though. Someone out there needs to make that happen.

Through the Eyes of a Footer

Courtesy of the Freeman Funk Footers and via Barefoot Ski Dot Com comes a video of some barefooters that decided to break the ice… literally. What’s unique about this video is that it is shot from what I must assume to be a helmet-cam. It takes a little while for the footing to start because they need to push the jet ski out into the water over the ice, but for those of you haven’t seen what a barefoot deepwater start looks like first hand, here’s your chance. You’ll also get to here the comments that come up while barefooting in bone chilling water.

Cold Water Footing 1st Person Perspective

I couldn’t find a website for the Freeman Funk Footers, but did find this t-shirt that gives their top 5 excuses for why they didn’t make it…

  1. Forgot to cinch my straps
  2. Had to poop
  3. Bolt in the Clinchers
  4. Boat Driver
  5. Train Wreck

Willie Rips the Port of Sacramento

Tales from the Foot’s west coast correspondent SacFooter sent us a video that he produced exclusively for Tales from the Foot.

SacFooter has the privilege to ski with Willie Farrell fairly regularly and has posted about his experiences before (link). While those of us in the midwest were suffering through a cold, windy and rainy October, they were blessed with blue skies and calm water in the Sacramento area. On one of those days SacFooter took his camera along and he’s put together a little video for us to…

Watch Willie Farrell rip up the Port of Sacramento as he puts on a clinic on how to barefoot trick and slalom.

Willie Rips the Port of Sacramento

Thanks for the video SacFooter!!!

Barefoot Crashes, Wipeouts, Faceplants and Headers

Everyone loves to see the really cool tricks and new barefoot moves that are out there. When done correctly, they are pretty awesome. When not done right, they are a completely different type of awesome, as in awesome crashes.

Sacfooter, a friend of the Tales from the Foot website, put together quiet the crash video and forwarded to me. It features Roy (aka SacFooter), Andy, Dave, Willie (Farrell), Zack and Craig. They are all pretty good footers, and this video shows the attempts at some of the really cool moves and tricks that didn’t go quite right, proving that 1) they aren’t easy to do and 2) learning them requires a lot of dedication. Here’s his description of the video from YouTube:

Ouch! That’s what you’ll say after you see this video! This video was compiled by popular demand. You out there in youtube land demanded the crashes, and here they are. OK, so SacFooter has been holding out on you. That’s right, it is not always smooth and easy in barefoot land. Here are the wipeouts, the footage that did not make it into the videos.


Barefoot Crashes, Wipeouts, Faceplants & Headers

Ed McMahon?

This video has been slowly circulating through the interwebs (curious about what the interwebs are, check out the CRB for furth explanations.)  Anywho, one of the first things that jumps out you in this video is the voice of Ed McMahon and he’s announcing a TV segment about barefooting.

He makes a big deal about the skiers at Cypress Gardens trying to stay dry, but the despite hat odd bit of announcing, the story features some classic footage of some old school barefooting.  No barefoot suits, no padded shorts, nothing but a swim trunks and a yellowish life vest.  The vid features Jerry Atkinson barefooting in less than most people would consider doing it today.  What made me laugh is the footage of the “tumble turn”.  It was anything but clean, kinda looked like me trying one, but the difference waws he made it back around.  Me, not so much.

Enjoy the footing, the steller music and the voice of Ed McMahon.

’72 Footing

She’s a Believer…

…and all of us over the age of 12 are now officially depressed.   Who are we talking about and why?  We are talking of one Georgia Groen, age 12, of the New Zealand Barefoot Team.  At the wee age of 12, she’s already competing internationally.  She just took part in Junior Worlds and her trick run was good enough to place 6th in tricks.  She was also just named the BFC Footer of the Month for February 2009

Now you might be wondering why that makes us over the age of 12 depressed?  Well, just take a look at the BFC video that they released showing her barefoot tricks.  She’s already jumping out of boats and doing side slides.   Enough with build up now and on to the video…

You can find the video on Barefoot Central’s video page here.  It’s called “I’m a Believer”.