Barefoot Crashes, Wipeouts, Faceplants and Headers

Everyone loves to see the really cool tricks and new barefoot moves that are out there. When done correctly, they are pretty awesome. When not done right, they are a completely different type of awesome, as in awesome crashes.

Sacfooter, a friend of the Tales from the Foot website, put together quiet the crash video and forwarded to me. It features Roy (aka SacFooter), Andy, Dave, Willie (Farrell), Zack and Craig. They are all pretty good footers, and this video shows the attempts at some of the really cool moves and tricks that didn’t go quite right, proving that 1) they aren’t easy to do and 2) learning them requires a lot of dedication. Here’s his description of the video from YouTube:

Ouch! That’s what you’ll say after you see this video! This video was compiled by popular demand. You out there in youtube land demanded the crashes, and here they are. OK, so SacFooter has been holding out on you. That’s right, it is not always smooth and easy in barefoot land. Here are the wipeouts, the footage that did not make it into the videos.


Barefoot Crashes, Wipeouts, Faceplants & Headers

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