Favre Celebrations

A couple notes about the Packers at Vikings game from yesterday…

My thought after the punter Jon Ryan ran for the first down on the fake punt… He’s probably thinking to himself I’m never doing that again.

Then today I read somewhere that it actually was a called fake punt but was called off (via an audible) because of the Vikings’ alignment. The funny part is Ryan, the punter, who was going to run the fake punt, and the most important person that needs to hear the audible, never heard the audible so he ran the fake punt anyways. Everyone else on the Packers’ side of the field thought it was a real punt… until he took off running. This is great!

Saw this on the web today and it made me laugh out loud…

In celebration, Favre picks Jennings up over his shoulders. If Favre ever tries this on one of those tackle-eligible TD passes, he’s going to end his career.
The Mighty MJD on Deadspin

It just be interesting to see him pick up a tight end to celebrate…

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