Jennings and Farve… The Old Man and The Kid That Wouldn’t Leave Him Alone

Still a bit bummed/pissed about the Badger game from earlier today…

[rant]Piss poor play calling by the UW – running the ball was working, PJ Hill was doing well, why keep throwing it? Run, run, 1st down, run, throw, incompletion, throw, incompletion, throw, incompletion, punt just doesn’t work. 4th and 2, I liked that they went for it, but the play selection sucked. Run PJ up the middle! Defense couldn’t tackle for sh!t in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters either. I guess the @ss chewing they got at half time only lasted for one quarter. And then what is up with the piss poor use of time outs. A 10 year old knows better than to use them like that.[end of rant]

…and then I came upon this gem of an article about Favre and Jennings.

My impression… Favre liked him from the get go, he just didn’t tell Jennings that he liked him.

Meanwhile, Javon Walker is no longer happy in Denver. Back when the Packers had the unhappy receiver, he demanded more money since he was playing so well. Packers like to deal with contract talks in their last year, not two years before their up so they dealt him. Now he’s due 7.5 million dollars and has been injured for half of this year’s games. Seems to me that someone who wants more when he’s playing better should be willing to give back when he’s not playing at all. I almost feel sorry for the team that picks him up. I say almost because they will knowingly take this person onto themselves.

Seriously, go read the article on Favre and Jennings… it’s a good read.

And props to the Packer Bikini Girls… You can’t tell by looking directly at them that it is cold out, but just look at everyone around them. The guy in the middle giving the thumbs up completes the picture. I wonder which one is his girlfriend? And I agree with their sign completely. And ladies, in case you didn’t know, you did make the broadcast.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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