Do Your Thing

As usual, BFC has put together another video of really good footers doing some sick tricks on glass calm water.  It’s almost starting to get old.  But then about 2:30 in the video, they starting doing something interesting again.  I wouldn’t quite call them front flips or back flips, but the footers do go inverted, kinda of like a cartwheel, but with no hands (after trying to find the term for that trick, I guess its called an aerial cartwheel).  Then they start doing these over each other.

In summary, the first half is a little ho-hum with the sick tricks we’re becoming way too use to and then it gets interesting at the end.  Now go watch the video…

Do Your Thing

What Its Like

Another BFC vdieo from South Africa featuring the DeViller brothers.  Besides them doing some sick little tricks with both of them on the boom, one of them does a trick I haven’t seen before.

I’ve seen barefoot front flips before, but never have I seen with a twist.  Luckily they slow it down so you can really see it.

These guys make this tricks look way too easy.

Download What Its Like from BFC

Superman 2

Andre’s footing ability is just sick.

This BFC video’s footing is set to the haunting song Tusk by Fleetwood Mack.  In this video we finally hear them admit that doing this tricks that just blow your mind are EASIER on the super fly high.  Then they try them long line.  Many props for that.  Trying the overhead 360 long line is tough!

We also finally learn the name of the unique start they like to do.  They call it dolphining up.  They kind of do a dolphin kick to propel themselves out of the water and then pull their legs in front of them to pop up.  They do this trick long line too.  Then he does this back deep start with the rope held in front of him between his legs.  Anyways, enjoy the video and watch it all the way through for the out takes.

Download Superman 2 from BFC


After a couple months of dodging rain drops and then waaaaay tooooo mucchhh driving, I’m back.  For me, the summer has been a bummer in regards to barefooting.  I’ve hit the water about 5 times to go footing so far… usually I’ll hit the water 5 times a week to go footing.  Enough of me whining and on to the video.

BFC has been busy making videos down in Texas.  The first video I’ll review this week starts off with Andre talking about his Checkmate Suit with Chuck.  Normally, this would be just total fluff, but Andre is actually doing something pretty cool with his suit.  As he tours the world, he’s getting the world’s best to sign his suit in the various boxes the suit is made up off.  The dolphin kick start still looks pretty cool, but the highlight would be at the end when he tries the overhead 360 and makes it on his 2nd try.  The back tumble up on the boom is pretty slick too.  Check it out.

Download Superman from BFC

Human Short-Lines

Over at BFC, they’ve had a new video up for a while. The video features Andre de Villiers from South Africa once again playing on the jacked up boom.

Download Jungle Bookie

A while back there was a huge debate on Super Fly Highs and their impact on barefooting over in the BFC forums. If you watch the video you see Andre doing some jumps while footing. The only people I’ve seen get more air hit a ramp so I think the argument about Super Fly Highs (SFH) not helping a barefooter is moot. They provide a fair amount of upward pull (aka lift) that a skilled barefooter can take advantage of.

I’m not saying the footers that do the crazy insane tricks on the SFH’s aren’t good footers. They are. They are usually very good footers, but the SFH is helping them with learn some of these insane tricks. If they start doing these tricks long line, they’ll have taken their skills to a whole new level.

Barefooting or Swivel Skiing?

While the Rowboat’s Paddlers and Rykert argue about Venn Diagrams and question where their cooler full of beer is, I’m going to ask you to grab a beer out of your fridge, sit back and watch a video production from BFC. I’m not sure where BFC find these guys but they got some crazy footers named De Villers. I let ya’ll know about the first De Villers’ video, now there is a second one. This one has the first name of Zane and it features some solid footing.

Now if you go look at the forums on BFC, you’ll find quite the discussion about the Super Fly High that the De Villers make use of. Some people think it’s cheating and not real footing while others say it is just the evolution of the sport. I fall someone in between… Learning how to foot and get my long line deep water starts more consistent, I could tell the difference between a normal pylon, a slightly extended pylon and a hylon in how they helped me make my starts. Now the SFH is much higher, almost like a trapeze. I’m off the opinion that yeah, it’s going to make the tricks easier to do. But the tricks these guys are doing are sick and even watching them being done on the SFH is pretty awesome. So I guess I’m of the opinion that the SFH’s make the tricks easier, but if they are going to give us tricks like this, I’m all for them. Now when people start doing these tricks on a normal boom or long line on a hylon, then the people doing them on a SFH can be called wussies. Until then, they have bragging rights on some crazy tricks.

One trick Zane does that stands out is the overhead 360 on the barefeet. I see swivel skiers do this all the time, some even throw 7’s or 10’s. I also see shoe skiers do this trick. But never before have I seen it done on barefeet. Zane does some other stuff in there two, but I’ll just let you watch and be amazed.