After a couple months of dodging rain drops and then waaaaay tooooo mucchhh driving, I’m back.  For me, the summer has been a bummer in regards to barefooting.  I’ve hit the water about 5 times to go footing so far… usually I’ll hit the water 5 times a week to go footing.  Enough of me whining and on to the video.

BFC has been busy making videos down in Texas.  The first video I’ll review this week starts off with Andre talking about his Checkmate Suit with Chuck.  Normally, this would be just total fluff, but Andre is actually doing something pretty cool with his suit.  As he tours the world, he’s getting the world’s best to sign his suit in the various boxes the suit is made up off.  The dolphin kick start still looks pretty cool, but the highlight would be at the end when he tries the overhead 360 and makes it on his 2nd try.  The back tumble up on the boom is pretty slick too.  Check it out.

Download Superman from BFC

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