Chicks Rule DVD

I picked up the Chicks Rule DVD that Toes Up or Faceplant finally released last year after a lot of anticipation… they’ve had previews posted on their site forever.  If by chance you haven’t seen the preview, here they are…

Chicks Rule Trailer

The preview looks very promising… some world class barefooters get a chance to show off their footing skills.  Sadly, the preview shows all of the best stuff from the DVD.  The video contains several short interviews with the various ladies so we get to find out how they got into barefooting and some other interesting facts about them that relate to barefooting.  None of this is ground breaking, but is entertaining.  The actually barefooting parts of the DVD… well, we see most of those in the trailer and there isn’t much else in the video besides what’s shown in the preview.  Yes, the footing video in the DVD is longer than the preview, but there isn’t much else.  Just reviewing these two portions of the video, it would be OK, but nothing really that great.  There are quite a few barefoot videos on the web (from BFC and KSO and on YouTube) that are just as entertaining and show better barefooting.

Sadly though, there is a 3rd portion of the video I’d like to mention that for me, tips the scales to the point where I’ll recomend passing on this video.  They have a guest visit them on the docks.  Let’s just say this part of the video is what makes them put a warning about the content in the video being inappropriate for kids.  In my opinion, if it had been left out, the DVD would have been much better.  The segment was pointless, not funny (at least to those of us who don’t know the people involved) and completely unrelated to barefooting. The segment would have been more appropriate on a Girls Gone Wild video, but sadly, doesn’t even feature girls going wild, it just features a very hairy guy doing very stupid things.

If you’re looking for a good barefooting DVD, check out the DVD Soul (available at Lake Elmo Sports) or just go watch the videos you can see on BFC or visit KSO’s site.  I think you can safely skip Chicks Rule.

Finally though, good luck to Teri “Larson” Jones, one of the ladies featured in the DVD.  She’s competing at the Barefoot World’s next week in New Zealand.  I’ve footed with her several times and wish her the best of luck next week.

6 thoughts on “Chicks Rule DVD

  1. I read this review of yours a while back and it has bothered ever since. I talked to Scott Jones and he said to let it go, but I am finding that hard to do. Evryone of those girls skied very hard in that video and the video offers alot more skiing than the trailers. I find it hard to believe you can sit there and say the skiing was not very good. I bet all of them can out ski you, hmmmm, maybe thats the issue here. I am glad no one was depending on the money from that video after you had the balls to say don’t buy it. Way to help out the people that are giving something to the sport instead of people like you who just go around and copy peoples hard work. I will be waiting for your video to come out


  2. I must say after reading your review I have several different views I would enjoy discussing with you… Not only is Chicks Rule the Best Barefoot DVD’s I have ever seen, I have noticed that you seem to watch many different videographers work and only copy what you learn from them… So who are you to be bashing accomplished successful artistic visionaries out making their own DVD’s with their own ideas and not stealing them from others like you do on every DVD you put out on the market??? Answer me that if you will… The video work, the talent of the skiers, the placement of the camera men were non-typical, you wish you had have the creative talent to think of the different angles and positions of set ups used in this DVD you just want to bad mouth…. And as far the hairy clown in the DVD, I personally though it was hilarious and so has every one I have shown the DVD I purchased…
    So I can tell you this my not so intelligent friend, next time do your homework before belittling a good video… Blowing out someones candle does not ever make yours glow brighter… I hope you enjoy how your barefoot taste because the way I see it, you stuck it deep in your mouth this time, or you trying another failed trick???
    I say buy this DVD and enjoy it as much as I have… Thank you Chicks Rule for all your hard work in producing such a entertaining, informative, classy DVD… Keep making them so this guy can keep making himself look like and Idiot… And Your team can keep making money… Best Wishes To Your Whole Team of Professionals…


  3. I just finished re-watching the Chicks Rule DVD since it has been about 8 months since I first watched it.

    First off, can every movie or video made, be two thumbs up or 5 stars? No. There are some that are really good, some that aren’t, some that are average. Granted in the barefoot video market, there aren’t that many videos available, but the same holds true.

    I completely agree with Jim’s comments that barefooting is very good. I never said anything different. My comments about the footing were in regards to:

    a) I thought they showed a lot of the best footing in the previews. When you see a preview for a Hollywood movie and see all the best stuff in the preview, aren’t you typically a little upset about that? The footing in the video is solid. I just thought they showed most of the coolest tricks in the preview. I would have liked there to be more really cool tricks that didn’t make the preview.

    and b) I think there are videos that show more tricks online for free. Another video that I own that shows what I think is an overall better quality of footing is Soul. The footing in Chicks Rule is very good, but I think there are better videos out there.

    Finally, I never made a claim I could out ski them. I know for a fact I can’t.

    I’m a little confused by Michael’s comments about how every DVD I’ve marketed steals from other film makers? I’ve never marketed or made a DVD for sale. This site is simply for barefoot enthusiasts to share their stories and adventures.

    I never made any comments regarding the production values of the video. I think they did a very good job it. The interviews are interesting and they did a good job mixing up the camera angles.

    In my opinion, and that is all it is, if they had taken out the 2 minutes of the guy in the banana hammock, they would have had a very solid video. It would have been a video that you could show your daughter, nieces, etc, that girls can barefoot too and be really good at it. With those 2 minutes, I doubt you’re going to show it to that same audience which is sad, because it features 4 women who are world class barefooters.

    I could deal with what little bit of inappropriate language was in the movie (hardly any to tell the truth), but the special guest is what made them put a parental warning on the video and I think the special guest just wasn’t needed.


  4. I never said it was the best, but the way you put it out there it’s disgusting. There was a warning on the label of that dvd about the content and maybe the makers of the video did not want to market to kids, but because you didn’t get it you throw a knife in the back of the whole project. This video seem to be meant for adults and not for kids, so because you can’t show it to your daughter it’s no good, thats what you’re saying. It’s not that you did not like it that bothers me, it’s the part where you condem it.
    Bottom line is everyone has an opinion and thats great, but just like everyone else in this sport you think its about the kids when adults make up the majority of it. It’s the big reason barefoot waterskiing is the limp noodle of watersports today.
    When you say that the skiing is nothing great I am expecting you to be able to go out and do better. These women are just ordinary women all over 30 years old. When you do your first front or back toe up or maybe even a back to front we’ll see how great you think you are. From what I hear you lacking in the sak area for those kind of tricks.


  5. I know the sport isn’t all about the kids, but there also are not that many good barefoot videos out there and this one had the makings of being one of the good ones. Yes, I saw the parental warning on it and didn’t really no what they could do that would warrant that, but in my opinion, the portion that warranted didn’t add anything to the video. My thought process is if it doesn’t add to it, why include it?

    I have young nephews and nieces interested in learning to barefoot now. They’ve been watching me and now they want to try it out. Guess what video I can’t lend them to watch so they can see some really good barefooters?

    We all have our opinions. You liked the video, I liked most of it, but can’t recommend it because of the parts I didn’t care for. I don’t think either one of is going to convince the other to change their opinion. I think based on our discussion, people will be able to make an educated purchase decision.


  6. I would not expect you to recommend it but did you have to condem it. You just said it again, you could not show it to your family so it you can’t recommend it, but because the people who made it have a different sense of humor you condem it. Instead of letting the people make a decision you shoot it down. I am not trying to change your opinion. If I see someones hard work, whether I like it or not, I don’t want to condem it. Especially in a small sport like this one, but because you have a website you think your some kind of critic who can condem peoples hard work. Thats what the problem is in this sport, just a bunch of different clicks who think they are actually good at something. What a joke.
    I am glad we can have this discussion. It does not matter that we agree or not. I just want the people to see the real man who wrote those things. I am sure there are alot of people who agree with you and them some people with a sense of humor probably liked it. Although this is the most action this site has probably seen since it was developed I will leave it at this point.


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