How much is 5-1/4 Figure Eights?

According to the YouTube clip, it is 7 minutes and 49 seconds of barefooting around tight corners and through rollers.

Here’s the boat footage of Mark Donahue beating Peter Fleck in the record 5-1/4 figure eights at the 2010 Footstock Open Division held in Crandon, WI on Peshtigo Lake. This forced them both to foot again to decide the championship!

Mark Donahue vs Peter Fleck in 5-1/4 Figure Eights

One thought on “How much is 5-1/4 Figure Eights?

  1. Incredible run. Never been done before and not only that record breaking run, but Marc broke the record for most eights skied at Footstock by one individual. Not sure the number, but from what I heard, he did back to back 4 1/2 8’s Saturday in the Seniors final and then Sunday 4 1/4 against KSO then 5 1/4 against Pete Fleck and then another 3 1/2 against Fleck. That doesn’t include all the other 8’s he skied during the entire tournament. He is a MACHINE!


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