And Now Something a Little More Recent

I’ve put up some older KSO videos recently, older being early 2000’s.  Here’s one a bit more recent, probably the last year or so.  It features footing by Mike Salber and Dany Baumgartner in addition to KSO.  Once again, it features some sick “traditional” trick footing by KSO and ther others.

This video is the first one that I’ll say it has something in that you should try at home.  Given the number of videos that have been up here lately, and the wide variety of stuff that’s been in them that most sane people wouldn’t try, but this one features something that some people might thing is easy or safe.

I”m not sure which footer it is, but one of them steps off the ski platform and foots right behind the platform, to the point where his feet are nearly under the platform.  It looks cool as all hell, but IMO, it is crazy dangerous to foot this close to a boat.  Please don’t try that without EXPERT instruction and guidance.

But beyond that, enjoy the video.  Nothing really special, but it’s a good video with some good shots.  It also has a trick in that I want to try, the front flip, and it has some good shots of it.

Enjoy the video…

The Run Down

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