Crazy Footers

There was a little request in the new forum to find some videos that feature speed footers.  What are speed footers you ask?  Don’t all barefooters go pretty fast already?  Well, most footers go around 40 MPH or so.  A lot of the people you see doing these crazy tricks are probably pushing 45 to 50 MPH.  Compared to speed footers, these speeds are down right slow.   Speed footers go 70, 80, 90 or 100+ MPH.  At these speeds if you fall, your bones might be shattered or destoyed.  Even the boat drivers are wearing helmets at these speeds.

I’ll have a more in depth post about these very crazy atheletes in our already crazy sport of barefooting in a week or so (I need to do a little research first), but to wet your appetite, here’s a short clip of Teresa Wallace go 91.16 MPH on nothing but her barefeet.

Teresa Wallace – Speed Footer

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