New Tricks and Their Point Values

I promise to find something about barefooting to post about that isn’t based on something that is over at BFC, but this is a topic that I want touch base on.

New tricks.

Although people have come up with some slick new tricks, of which a ton of video is floating around on the net, it seems that the the WBC (the World Barefoot Council) only recognizes tricks that have been sent in to them for review for being officially recognized and having point values assigned.  It seems some people find this to be unfair, or maybe, too much of a hassel to go through.  They think that, hey there is video of it on the web, it should be recognized.  How many points will it be worth?  (You can read more of this discusssion over on this thread at BFC).

Foot (a WBC member) laid out the process… send a video of the tricks being done long line to the council and then the council will review them.  The council isn’t going to come look at videos on BFC to search out new tricks.

Now people are asking why the council isn’t going to look at videos on BFC?  Well, I’m guessing because the current process calls for the videos to be sent to them.  Plus, the council can’t be expected to search out new videos on the web looking for new tricks to add.  Why?  Because popular websites are going to have an easy time getting their tricks recognized.  A little one person website that posts new tricks probably isn’t going to be found, and the trick not reviewed.  It just isn’t a realistic process to go through.

Now maybe the WBC might need to update their process to recognize video links submitted to them, which I think would be fair.  Levels the playing field.  But expecting members to find them on their own accord is not a fair expectation for them.

Well, the people running BFC posted a video of new tricks they want considered, put it right on their front page, and asked WBC members to look at it.  Not sure if this will be enough to get them approved, but they are trying.


New Tricks for the WBC

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