Another Couple Peeps Doing 7’s

Well, it has finally come to pass.  Paul O’Conner of Mad-City is no longer the sole person doing 720’s in the show ski world.  We have a couple more people to add to the role call now.

First off, we have someone from the Waterhawks in Waterloo, Iowa doing a 7 of the ramp through some fire.

Next, we have a 16-year old named Nick Wilson, from the Lake City Skiers in Warsaw, Indiana land a 7.  
Not sure how consistent either of these people are throwing them yet, but much props to them for landing one.  Me, I still spin abot 330 degrees when I throw a heli.  Makes skiing away a bit difficult.
Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

3 thoughts on “Another Couple Peeps Doing 7’s

  1. hey guys, i’m an old has-been of a freestyle jumper and i can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see these guys taking it to the next level. 720’s are no joke and i have a great deal of respect for what these guys have accomplished. keep it up!Mad Props ,Hank Amos


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