Best Dam Barefoot Race… The BFC Recap

Work and getting my ski team on the water has been keeping me busy, but I did see the recap posted by Barefoot Central written by Aaron Schoelzel. There are some good details on how the race went between the 3 boats at the front of the race. Be sure to check it out for details about just how close the race was. And yes, my team was one of the teams throwing up rollers for leaders to go through on their way back to the finish-start line.

They also have a couple videos in their recap… the first has interviews with the top 3 teams…

Download Best Dam Top 3

The second video has 8 minutes of them chatting in the car on the way to the race, but watch the end for the interview with Teri Bell, one of the race organizers (with her sister Sandy singing in the background) and some other late night antics at the bar. Be warned, look away at the end…

Download Best Dam Antics Start 8 Minuts In

Finally, over at Barefoot Racing Endurance, there’s a little more insight from Viper who was on the 2nd place team. Here’s what he wrote about the race…

From my point of view – an incredible race: very fast, almost no mistakes. There were 7 lead changes – Jim Devens laid the early pace at 49-50 mph. Once Jim dropped out it was Tony and I within a boat length to the end of the lake, around the turn and back a 1/4 mile. Once Tony went down, I asked for all the speed the driver would give me for another mile.

Here’s where the only mistake there was in the race – when I signalled for the transition the handle slipped out of my hand. This led to a slow transition which allowed Ace in the Hole to pass us and get back in the lead.

A1 put down an impressive run. Just a couple miles in, Chuck caught a toe and went down putting MVS back in front. Ace’s next footer ran very hot closing some of the distance so we picked up the pace to 51+. When the 3rd Ace footer transitioned, MVS transitioned. The rest of the way we transitioned together with MVS running about 20 seconds ahead. Unfortunately, we had one transition remaining. So with a deep sigh, we made the final transition less then 1/4 from the finish putting in Mike Schnieder. Ace passed us during that transition and cruised in for the win.

Pavestone was right there only 1 minute back. Definitely their best showing and sending a message that they will be a force come this fall.

Disappointing for us, but a great battle.

Definitely want to see the video from Pavestone.

– Viper

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