Mad-City’s First Show is Sunday, May 25 at 6pm

Hey Everybody! Mad-City has been braving the very brisk waters of Lake Monona the last couple weeks getting our skiing legs back underneath us in preperation for our first ski show of the year. And it is coming up fast. We’ve had 3 practices on the water so far and have our first show already. The team suits up on Sunday, May 25 at 6pm for our first show at Law Park (just east of the Monona Terrace on John Nolen Drive). It’ll be a little rough, but come watch it anyways. You’ll be amazed when you stop back in a couple weeks and see how much our show will change in such a very short time.

Here’s a couple pictures from the first few practices. Enjoy!

Anna’s face shows just how cold the water is!

Yeah, Conventional Doubles!

Landing after a 3-high

Dano remembers how to do Helis

Paul on the wakeboard

Pictures courtesy Jim’s Photos the photographer of the Mad-City Ski Team.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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