10 Best Places to Ski and Live

I was flipping through the April 2008 issue of Water Ski Magazine and saw this picture staring back at me…

Mad-City Ski Team’s Ballet Line
Picture Composed by Don Heilman from the team’s website

Turns out I was on a page in their article titled 10 Best Places to Ski and Live. Now I’m happy to see Madison, WI ranked on their list, but I wish they had spent just a little bit more time writing their paragraph about Madison.

First off, the image is straight off the Mad-City Ski Team’s website. I know, I help run the site and know the person who put the image together. It isn’t a simple photo, there is some photo shop skill on display there as well. The kicker is photo credit doesn’t list the person that created this image or the team. It lists the person that sent them the image. Not good in my opinion.

Next, they talk about Mad City being a “show skier’s haven.” Based on that comment and the picture accompanying the article, I’m guessing Madison made the list, at least in part, because it’s home to the Mad-City Ski Team, winner of 3 of the 4 past National Show Ski Championships. If that’s the case, then just come out and say that it in the article instead of just the allusion to it by referencing Madison’s very common nickname which is incorporated into the team’s name.

The next thing that irked me is they completely got the number of lakes in Wisconsin all messed up. They point at the Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and Wisconsin isn’t that far behind. Now I knew off the top of my head that Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota. Using the internet I easily verified that. Wisconsin has about 15,000 lakes, significantly more than the 11,842 lakes in Minnesota. If you’re going to point out how many lakes a state has, even in general terms, make sure you get it right.

Finally, going back to the picture. It’s a picture right off the ski team’s website, so they know where it’s at. I think the picture was on the WWSF’s site too, and if they got it there, they were obviously looking for a Mad-City picture for their article and the WWSF site has links to the team’s website so they could find it. Plus, if you Google the team name, the team’s site is right at the top of the list. The website listed as a local reference for the article is the WWSF website. Nothing against the federations website, but ALL of the other 10 best places have a local chamber of commerce type site listed or local ski club site listed, not the state’s federation site. (I’m guessing this is related to the person who sent them the photo, but not positive.)

Once again, I love the fact that they like Madison enough to put it on their list and featured a picture of the Mad-City Ski Team in the article. They may even have mentioned my skiing habit of skiing until very late in the season in a drysuit amongst the snow and ice. But please do some basic fact checking. Or contact someone with some local knowledge to help with the fact checking.

Just a little note… One of the other cities listed, Seattle, Washington, has a great photo of someone skiing on Lake Sammamish with Mount Rainier in the background. It is a very scenic place to ski… I know, I’ve skied there. Very nice place to ski.

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One thought on “10 Best Places to Ski and Live

  1. Could you give me a quick list of good water skiiing lakes in the east central to north east area of Wisco? I am interested in buying a small second home on a lake and want to teach the kids how to water ski. (email: sroddy1@wi.rr.com)


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