I’ve heard rumblings about this video over on the BFC forums and finally decided to check it out myself.  It’s a video from Toes Up or Faceplant.  The website is a little bright with some crazy fonts, but if you dig around a bit, they have some good stuff.

If you’ve heard the song Bodies by Drowning Pool, you might have an idea about what’s in the video.  If you don’t know the song off the top of your head, you may have heard it in ads for the movies Daredevil, The One, xXx, Fahrenheit 9/11, Rambo or even a US Marines Commercial.  The song caused a little controversy when it came out and some stations even stopped playing it for a while.  Why, you ask?  If you think about the lyrics and think about how it’s been used in advertising, it can easily be misinterpreted.  It is really suppose to be about moshpitting.

Anyways, the most common phrase in the song is “Let the bodies hit the floor.”  According to the lyrics site I found, they say it 27 times, roughly have the lines in the song.  Now, while barefooting there is no floor to hit, but there is the water, and this video, A LOT of bodies hit the water, and they hit the water HARD.  They did a very good job putting all of these crashes to music so file is a pretty big (but it looks good) so be patient.  Enjoy…

Download Bodies Video (Toes Up or Faceplant Production)

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