2007 National Show Ski Championship Sunday Quick Update

The 2007 Nationals has come to a close and the results are in…

Your 2007 National Show Ski Champion is the Mad-City Ski Team. The final results are…

  1. Mad-City Ski Team (2184.05)
  2. Wonder Lake (1984.98)
  3. Rock Aqua Jays (1938.12)
  4. Little Crow (1806.98)
  5. Backwater Gamblers (1757.07)
  6. Badgerland (1682.96)
  7. Aqua Nuts (1593.54)
  8. Five Seasons (1545.28)
  9. Webfooters
  10. Chippewa Lake
  11. Ski Broncs
  12. Ski Otters
  13. Water Hawks
  14. Lake Mohawk Ski Hawks

Order should be correct and points should be pretty accurate. Sorry I don’t have points for all of the teams. For the USA Water Ski press release announcing the results, check out this link.

Box scores…

  • Dock & Equipment – Mad-City
  • Tow Boat – Mad-City
  • Pickup Boat – Mad-City
  • Audio Presentation – Mad-City

Act Awards…

  • Best Doubles – RAJ?
  • Best Barefoot – RAJ – Barefoot Circles I Think
  • Highest Scoring Pyramid – Wonder Lake (Prefab Thread the Needle Hot Pick)
  • Best Ballet (Mad-City – Big Ballet at End of Show)
  • Best Jump (Mad-City – Jaw Dropper)
  • Best Swivel (Mad-City)

Outstanding Performances…

  • Male (Skip Gilkerson Award) – Mr. Paul O’Conner – Mad-City
  • Female (Willa Cook Award) – Cathy Luiting – RAJ

Most of the awards are from memory. If I made a mistake, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Stop back soon for a full recap of the weekend with a whole lotta pictures, some video (including the Wonder Lake pyramid hot pick) and some fellowship and fun!


Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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