2007 National Show Ski Championship Saturday Update

Just a quick update after day one of the 2007 Show Ski Nationals…

Didn’t get to see Janesville’s show, but I heard they had falls scattered throughout their show. Also had two time stopages due to injuries. Consensus was they struggled a bit.

Watching the Mad-City show as I ran sound for, I’d say we put on a very good show. Big pyramids (although we did loose people coming back), great ballet line, 1 good jump act and 2 great jump acts, awesome one act show (shoe skier, 4 high, doubles and a pinwheel), good swivel and big acts. Our big ballet line at the end was also very good with 29 back to the beach. Not the “perfect” show we really wanted, but we had very limited falls in the show course and not that many overall. My overall opinion is we skied a show that will be tough to beat, but it is a beatable show. There are a few teams that ski on Sunday that have the personnel to put on a show that could beat us. We need to wait and see.

There’ll likely be a quick update later on Sunday with some results and full recap of the weekend coming early next weekend with a whole lotta pictures.

Good luck to the teams skiing on Sunday!

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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