Busy Week of Skiing

This past week I managed to get a whole lot of skiing in. Started on Monday night. I hit the water with T-Bell & Imhof. I mainly did a lot of footing, T-Bell hit the slalom course and Imhof worked on his flip turns. Nice relaxing night on the water.

T-Bell on the course in front of the Madison Skyline!

Tuesday night was a regular night of show ski practice… nothing major for me.

Wednesday night I was looking forward to stopping by practice for a quick jump set, but found out that no one could bring the boats down. Pretty much everyone that would normally be available to bring the equipment was attending a show committee meeting. So as I left work at 515 I started making calls. Rounded up T-Bell & the Bug Man for a quick jump set. Met them at the lake at 615 and we jumped. Not my best night of jumping, but T-Bells looked good and Bugsy did his typically super slow motion heli’s on my skis.

T-Bell and her crash helmet

Thursday was another typical show ski practice.

Next up… Friday. Met T-Bell & Imhof at the landing and then picked up Paul at the jump site. We started off with T-Bell & I doing a couple jump sets each. I went 4 for 5 on my first set and 2 for 3 on the second set. One of the things that people have been telling me is to stay on my toes when I hit the ramp as this will help keep me over my skis while in the air, instead of behind them. Well, lately it has felt like I was almost going out the front, which usually meant I actually had good position. Well, my last jump off the night felt like I was really going to go out the front. And I did. I’ll post some video of this soon. T-Bell took a set of ride overs and then tried some helis. I’ve got video of that too.

After we jumped, Imhof worked on his flip turns, which he is making, and his back steps, which he isn’t. Then Paul busted out his new wake surfing board. Then we did some footing in the bay and finally ending up back out on the main lake as everyone else tried the wake surfing board. Here are some pictures from that night…

When T-Bell comes to ski, she comes to do a lot of skiing and brings a whole lotta stuff!

One of T-Bell Jumps

One of my jumps

Footing in the weeds

But the weeds mean it’ll be glassy calm

Close Up!

T-Bell on the Wake Surf Board

Imhof Surfing

Paul Surfing…

Paul was the only one that could actually surf without the rope

But we would have to throw it back to him now and then

I did make time to attend my cousin Lindsay & Jeff’s wedding. It was held at the Deer Valley Lodge in Barneveld, WI. Saturday was a very nice day for an outdoor wedding (or some skiing!)

Lindsay & Jeff

Me dancing with the Bridesmaids and one of the many margarita on the rocks that I had that night

My Aunt Louise and I at the end of the night…

The weekend ended with our typical Sunday night ski show. I was recovered enough to ski the opening and ending pyramids. My first pyramid start was a little rusty (I hadn’t done one in a few weeks) but I did make it.

Looking at my feet for some strange reason?
Photo from Jim’s Photos

I did make it though. By this point my legs were burning just a bit.
Photo from Jim’s Photos

My second pyramid went much better. Even though the girl I took off the dock in the ending pyramid wasn’t the tiny little lite girl I had from the opening pyramid, the start went world’s better as you can see…

Rock solid start!
Photo from Jim’s Photos

Landing at the “beach” with T-Bell
Photo from Jim’s Photos

And with the show over, the crazy week of skiing pretty much came to an end. We did go watch the Janesville Open show again and after that, I crashed. Exhausted and ready to sleep.

That’s what I am right now… ready to sleep so I can be back on the water tomorrow at 8am! And yes the time stamp on this post is accurate. It is a 245am.

There are more pictures and full quality versions of all these pictures over on my Picasa Web Album. Check it out.

Some of these photos, as noted in the captions, are from Jim’s Photos, one of the ski teams sponsors. You can contact him if you’d like a high resolution copy of one of the photos.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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