Mad-City on the Web and Other Random Water Skiing Related Stuff

The Mad-City Ski Team’s website has been undergoing a slow makeover these last several weeks, slowly evolving into something much more useful and modern looking from it’s previous incarnation. If you get a chance, check it out.

Meanwhile, I still have my google alerts scouring the web for anything water skiing, barefooting, show skiing or Mad-City related and this post came up today… Glad to here some more people enjoyed our show and are telling others about it.

I also came across this news story telling about Ralph Samuelson the inventor of water skiing. Even has a video to go with it.

And finally, some not so good news… seems a water skier was hit by jet ski. I’ve seen this almost happen myself and it isn’t good. A jet skier decides the waves of the boat pulling the skier are fun to play on and starts jumping off of them… then the skier falls and the jet skier doesn’t see them in the water and… not sure if this is exactly what happened, but it is a very likely scenario. I’ll bite my tongue and not keep typing what I want to type so I don’t get hate mail from all the jet skiers in the world, but I will suggest this: anyone who buys a watercraft (boat, canoe, sailboat, jet ski, or other PWC) should have to attend a boater safety course. It just makes sense. I attended one when I was 12. They’re not difficult, but they do spell out the common sense that some people seem to be lacking.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

One thought on “Mad-City on the Web and Other Random Water Skiing Related Stuff

  1. Hey – thanks for checking out my blog & leaving a comment! (And linking on your site…) We love going to the waterski shows – it’s one of the things that makes Madison Madison.


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