Brief Skiing Recap

Just to recap a little bit… had a good footing set last night until I hit a log… manged a couple nice solid one foots and here’s a picture for your consideration.

As I said, I hit a log. Well we fished it out of the lake so we wouldn’t hit it again or have someone else someone suffer my same fate, or worse. I went back to the landing today to take a look at again and snapped a picture of it so you can see exactly what I hit. Still not sure how I don’t have a broken foot. Must be all the milk I drink. Sandy felt bad about me hitting the log since she was driving, but there really was nothing that she could do. She didn’t see it until it popped out of the boat wake and couldn’t really do anything. She stops, I’d slide into it, she turns, who knows what happens. I told her not to worry about it. My foot’ll be fine in a couple days. Just bruised badly now. Nothing broken.

One foot from Friday night

Here is the log I hit. My foot hit the end near my sandal. It was sticking up out of the water.

Anyway, had another footing set this morning with Dale and Sandy. Very early set, 530am. That’s 2 weeks in a row I’ve been up at the crack of dawn for some footing sets. Today I took the first set. Between the cut that is still healing on my right foot that gets re-opened a little each time I take a run and my very sore left foot from the log, my runs were comfortable, but I did have some nice runs. Kept them short though.

530am footing run

Next up at practice I snuck in a jump set before the show run thru. Putting on my jump ski was painful. It is swollen up just a bit. Hitting the ramp was painful. Hit the water on the landing even worse. Took 3 jumps. Ramp was a bit slicker than I’m use to since we now have running water on it. Kept my skis tight on the ramp, they stayed close together in the air but split apart a little before my landing, creating room for my ass to act as giant brake and popping the handle. With my ankle I was 0-fer the day, but had good jumps, just couldn’t take the landing. Would have had pictures, but for some reason the person using my camera didn’t actually take any pictures.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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