A Good Night of Practice

Actually had warm weather, calm winds and calm water. Yes, you read that correctly. Calm water. It was almost weird.

After completely messing up my first flier by mistiming my jump badly, I nailed the second attempt and made a nice long loop (dock to the bridges and then looped back). Too bad they were only pulling me at 38 MPH. I’m six foot and 230 pounds. I need more than 38 MPH to be comfortable on my barefeet. While holding my position in the curl while going around the corner, I couldn’t see a thing. I was trapped in a ball of spray. Later, I did a couple of 3 highs to get my pyramid legs back underneath me. Both of those starts were much better than last weeks.

The team also managed to get the docks straightened out again by moving the anchors and did some work on the jump to get it straightened as well. Plus, our triple rig made an appearance as well.

This made for a good night of practice.

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