Long Weekend Update

I guess the weekend really started on Thursday night when I caught POTC3. For the uninitiated that’s Pirates of the Caribbean 3. See my quick review in the previous post.

In reality, the weekend started with some frantic calls on Friday afternoon to arrange some water skiing for after work. As I sat in the dentist chair getting my teeth cleaned (literally) I managed to finalized the arrangements. About and hour latter I was launching the boat at Olin Park waiting for Sandy and Teri to join me. I figured since I plan on competing in the Mad-City Dual next weekend I should do at least one step off. Since it was a calm late afternoon we started in the main lake. I (surprisingly) made my slalom start and tried to do a step off but the constant wally rollers made it impossible for me to get comfortable. Finally, seeing no end in sight, I punted. I then decided to give it one more go in the main lake. Once again, I surprised myself by making my slalom start again and then managed to make my step which felt clean and according to Teri, looked clean. After going through some rollers and seeing more, bigger rollers coming up, I decided to make it a very brief run. Also wanted to go back and pick up the drop ski. After Teri & Sandy had skied, we headed into the bay so I could do a couple long runs. First run started with another step-off (once again after making my third deep water slalom start of the night and in a row) and ended back at my ski after making the loop in the bay. After handing the ski into the boat, I took one more run and made another loop around the bay.

Finally warm enough to go sleeveless.
You can also see the weeds we are constantly footing through.

Me after my footing sets.

Dr Sandy driving the boat.

T-Bell posing for the camera.

After putting the boat away, I headed to the Stadium Bar to watch some friends play vball and then ended up staying there till about 11 before heading to the Dane for some more drinks. Finally made it home as the hour approached 1am.

Saturday morning I woke up to a cool, overcast day and headed down to practice planning on helping repair the dock with John. In all honesty, I didn’t do much other than move the docks or hold them in place as John worked on anchoring them. After spending an hour or so in the cool water, we had the docks back in place as best they could be.

The rest of the day was relatively low key. A little TV, a nap, inspected the trailer brakes, making calls about skiing the next day.

Sunday morning arrives and I finalize plans at 8am for skiing at 9am. I hit the lake with 7 & Lori. I do some more loops around the bay which is now nearly weed filled and 7 does some footing too. He’s been working on his deep water sense last summer and finally has it figured out. He’s had a lot issues with “cheeking out” and after getting a tip a few weeks ago from a UW skier he now makes more than he misses. Still took him 3 runs to get 2/3 of the way around the bay, but he’s making his starts now. In his defense, on his 3rd run, moments after standing up he hit some fishing boat rollers which ended his run.

That’s me in the ball of spray and those are the weeds in the background.

7 on his “Police Evidence”

After lunch and a nap, I headed down to the ski show. The show was a little rough, but a good start.

Sandy and Teri doing fliers in the show.
Photo from Jim’s Photos.

Afterwards, grabbed some pizza with Bugs & Scott and then headed to a bonfire for some drinks. Stayed out way to late even though some people thought I was leaving early. But getting home at nearly 2am, I stand by that it was way too late.

Monday was relaxing. Did some work around the house, mowed the lawn and visited with the neighbors. The evening turned really nice and would have been good to the hit the lake, but it was nice to relax too.

For full size versions of these pictures, you can view them in my Picasa Web Album here.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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