My Wet Suit Shrank

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Hit the water yesterday. Nice weather, but a little breezy. We (7, Beau and myself) tried to avoid the wind by hitting the lake early (10am), but still no luck.

I left the dry suit at home and wore the wet suit to brave the 50 degree water. Just cold enough where when you jump in, you go, damn this is cold, really cold… and then you kinda get use to it.

Still no major accomplishments or feats to document, other than getting my wet suit on over my barefoot shorts and thermal shirt – it fit fine the night before without the barefoot shorts and thermal shirt, I zipped it up myself without any difficulties.

Really, it wasn’t this difficult the night before. It zipped right up.

Managed to do 5 back to back barefoot runs, all fairly short as we cruised the south shore of the bay, the only calm spot of water.

And I wonder why it felt like I had a face full of water on some of the runs?

7 tried out his mad wake boarding skillz, but really didn’t stay up long enough for us to get any good pics. Here he is doing a step off since he didn’t want to ride around on his ass all day trying to do a deep in the cool water. And yes, he is sporting a dry suit.

Beau tested his old school jet ski out in the main lake and braved the 45 degree water. It is with great difficulty I admit to helping a jet skier get out on the water. Can’t believe I let a mosquito loose on the lake.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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