Ghost Rider

I caught Ghost Rider on the opening day. Not because I was that excited for it, but because the movie time fit my schedule. Seems Marvel has gotten into the habit of releasing new comic book based movies right around Valentine’s Day. It didn’t work very well with Daredevil (2/14/03) or Electra (1/14/05). Both were mediocre movies. Ghost Rider was just a bit better, and surprisingly, actually did pretty good at the box office.

Based on what I know of the comic book character, they stayed pretty true to the original story with just a little simplification, but nothing materially different.

The move was alright. Nothing special, but not really bad either. If you like comic book type movies or action movies, you’ll probably enjoy this one, once. Action sequences were decent, effects OK, but the rider did look a little fake at times. A little too CGI.

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