I’ve actually been anticipating the movie Breach just a little bit. More than any other recent movie. Looked like a good spy type movie, although it is difficult for me to be excited about any movie staring Ryan Phillippe.

The movie is pretty good. Nothing special, not award winning, but it tells a good story. And that is all I expected from it. A good story.

The movie tells the story of a breach in US security, the biggest breach in US security and this tells of the last few months of the ongoing breach. It would have been a bit more interesting to see more about the back story, see how he was brought in, how he worked, what damage he did. The story the movie did tell, was well told. Although you should know the outcome, I’ll leave the details of the story to the movie.

Finally, it was just a little creepy that the dates in the movie corresponding so well to the current dates, just off a few years. Hanssen was arrested Feb 18, 2001, 6 years and 1 day ago.

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