Back in the summer of 2005, I had a run in with Kyle Klubertanz. He was/is (not sure) dating a girl I skied with on Mad-City. We were in a bar up north playing Bubble Hockey. After the game, which ended in a tie, we got to talking about hockey a little. I didn’t try to coach him, tell him what to do specifically, he’s obviously a very good hockey player. I just mentioned one thing to him in particular. On their power play (from the 04-05 season) I told him how they were passing too much. Nobody was taking a shot. Also, the passes weren’t quick. It was pass, dribble, pass, dribble, pass, dribble… I mentioned that they needed to pass-pass-shoot. I don’t know if it was me mentioning this to them or just that their coaches came to the same conclusion I did but their power play was noticeable different in 05-06. They had a pretty good season too.

Now back to tonight & Pass-Pass-Shoot…

The Badgers did that twice tonight and it resulted in goals. Two of them to be exact. In hockey, you see a lot of passing. On power plays, it is instrumental. But to score goals, the passes need to be crisp and accurate. And quick. By quick I mean the time between receiving the pass and passing or shooting the puck is very brief. And quick. The puck just needs to be on the blade of the stick for an instant.

Tonight, the Badgers did it perfectly. Pass-Pass-Shoot. The plays were that were quick.

The first one was a three on two rush towards Minnesota’s goal. The Badger in the middle made a pass to the wing on his left and then hesitated for just a moment to hold up in front of the goal. The goalie moves to play the wingman with the puck who instantly passes it back to the guy in the center. The center gets the puck back and taps into the net. Pass-Pass-Shoot-Goal!!!

The second one was just as pretty. Badgers on a power play. Guy at the top of the keep passes it to the guy low by left pipe. Bang & goal!!!

Here’s a highlight video over on that shows the two scoring sequences.

Crisp, accurate, quick passes and quick release shots meant two goals for the Badgers tonight. Not big slap shots, nothing really hard or nasty. Just quick shots.


Those two goals ended Minnesota’s 22 game unbeaten streak. It was a big win for the Badgers. 2-1 over the Gophers. Here’s the official recap.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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