Mark Your Calenders… Water Ski Jumping on TV

On January 15, 16, 19 & 29, the Discovery Channel will be airing a show title Stunt Junkies – Water Ski Launch. Scot Ellis will try to set the world record for a person on water skis jumping over more boats than anyone else ever.

Meanwhile, while searching for a video of Scot Ellis ski jumping (didn’t find any on Google & YouTube was down), I came across the 4th blog dedicated to waterskiing called Waterski University (they’ve been added to the blog roll.) Seems to be more geared towards the collegiate skiing land, which is good. I even found a little mention of a neighbor to the east.

Seems Marquette won the NCWSA Team of the Year for 2006 for, among many other things, being the runner up at D2 Nationals in their 3rd year of existence (click here for the Marquette announcement). I had a post about the National Results back in October. Seems I should have given Marquette more props back in October. Looking through the results just a little closer, I see that Marcy from Marquette tied for first in Women’s Jump. I’d like to think the drinking we did back in July in Fox Lake and the barefoot sets we did in Madison later that month helped her jumping at Nationals.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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