Shepherds and the Sheep

Caught this movie last Friday. It was one that I’ve been looking forward to, but it didn’t have show times or run-time that make it an easy movie to go see. But I did finally manage to catch it.

I would say it was worth the wait. Saying that, I will qualify this by saying not everyone is going to like this movie. The story is told in a very complicated way flash backs and flash forwards that can make it easy to get confused. I did manage to follow the story easy enough, but then I’m use to reading complicated plot lines and like some of the more interesting ways to tell a story. I would say I didn’t find the complicated story telling fashion added anything to the movie. It could have been told in a more traditional way and I think a lot more people would enjoy the movie.

In case your not sure what I’m talking about yet, I’m talking about the movie The Good Shepherd staring Matt Damon. It tells of the beginnings of the CIA and the spy game that the US is involved in. For those that think this stuff isn’t going on today, I’d say your wrong. And this is how it started. I won’t go into too many details about the movie other than to say watch it closely and pay attention to the story. It is confusing, but once all the pieces fit together, it becomes a pretty slick story. I’m happy to say I did manage to figure it out a little bit before the end.

Much like a flock of sheep and the shepherd that watches over them, does the shepherd really control the sheep, keeping them all together, or is it the sheep the controls the shepherds movements as they range around and find the food they are foraging for? Much like that dilemma, you also need to figure out who is the shepherd and who are the sheep? There are so many people pulling strings in this movie, you’ll be surprised all the strings just don’t knot up.

Damon plays a very convincing spy. Di Nero makes a nice little cameo in his own movie. And like any good Di Nero movie, we even get to see a little Joe Pesci (aka My Cousin Vinny.) Finally, I didn’t even really realize that Angeline Jolie was even in the movie (I’m mentioning that in a positive fashion in that she plays her character well.)

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