Fox Sports BCS Playoff Conspiracy

If you went to bed when Boise threw the pick returned for TD with a minute left in the game, you missed one hell of an ending. Doubtless, there are 1000’s of places to read a better recap than I can write. So if you’re looking for that, you came to the wrong place. If you’re lucky, you may be able to see it on ESPN Classic later this week if they’re willing to pony up the cash to re-air it. It is definately an instant classic. One of the few games I think is worthy of that label.

On the other hand, I’m putting this out their for the world to see. I believe Fox, whose commentators have been fueling the fire about a NCAA Football playoff (especially during the end of the Boise game tonight) has a master plan and decided to go out on a limb and pay oodles of money for the BCS rights so they can throw their weight (which is the millions of dollars they paid) and get it turned into a proper playoff. Maybe just an 8 team, maybe 16 if we are really lucky, I don’t really know. I just see the controversy out there and Fox just continues to pour fuel on the fire.

I don’t care what they do with all the other bowls, just take the top 8 or 16 teams and make ’em play until they determine a champion the old fashion way, on the field! And not by writers and coaches and experts and computers deciding team A gets to play team B for the championship and team C is left out because B is better than team C because of some goofy stat or subconscious inclination because of the voter’s region or teams your just more familiar with. Let them play. The teams left out of the playoff can continue to play in their exhibition games in random bowls number 1 through 50.

Oh and Chris Myers just popped the question for the Boise State running back before he had a chance to ask his girlfriend himself.

Disclaimer, I’m putting this out there with no inside knowledge or any relationship to Fox or any other sports broadcasting entity other than I watch their broadcasts way too much.

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4 thoughts on “Fox Sports BCS Playoff Conspiracy

  1. For once, A Fox conspiracy that I can get behind. The B_S (silent C) is exactly that. It’s even more corrupt than anything in Washington DC! My Idea: 11 or 12 D-1A conferences, so every conference (major, mid-major, everybody) champ gets a spot. F@#^ Notre Dame, put your pompus asses in a conferece like everybody else. Sprinkle enough at- larges in to make an even 16. Play the playoff games at the major bowl sites. Rotate ’em around like the BCS. Hell, let the sponsors plaster their logos all over the field. THe fat cats make their money, and we get a real champ. Hell, keep all the minor bowls around as consolation games for the also-rans. But, I’m an Auburn grad (screwed in 04)and my wife is a Tulane grad (screwed in 98). So I’m bitter. So If your conspiracy theory is right, then I say you go FOX and bring to college football what you do not bring to news coverage, fairness and balance.


  2. For which teams, I’d lean towards every undefeated team gets in and the top seeds, then major conference champs (if not already in) and then at large bids for worthy mid-major and the rest to get to 16 teams. I’d have a hard time arguing for an automatic bid for the Conference USA champ (for example) to get in. Also, no conference limits.1st round home games for top seeds, 2nd round home games for top seeds or neutral (I’m open on this one), semi-final and final definitely neutral sites.I’d push for the 2nd round to fall around new years (4 football games).


  3. Your comments on Conference USA represent the problem with the system as it exists. The Marshalls, the BYUs, the Boise States, the Rutgers, and the Tulanes should have the opportunity to fight it out with “the big boys.” If they don’t, you might as well keep the Bull Shit Championship Series intact. Division I-AA has a system that is fair and equitable and it works. Shall we look there for guidance? Or perhaps at NCAA baskeball?The bottom line is that there is not a single argument that can be made for keeping the system as it is. It is undeniably unfair to smaller schools and schools that are building programs. Mrs. Rykert (who blogs about knitting, but knows football)


  4. C-USA was a bad choice for the example and Rutgers already plays with the “big boys” in the Big East. A better example would be this year’s Sunbelt Champion Troy. They won their conference, but in out of conference play, they got beaten up pretty bad. I’d have a hard time handing out a free pass to them. Although I do give them props for playing a very tough non-conference schedule, something I can’t say about my Badgers.In football, my opinion is 2 or more losses does not look good on your resume for why should play for the championship. I would have had a tough time saying let USC in this year given their 2 losses and who they lost to.Boise State being undefeated would have been automatically in following my system.I’ll propose the following amendment to my fictional system. All conference champions with at most 2 losses receive an automatic bid. It would have eliminated C-USA, MAC & Sun Belt Champions this year. They would be eligible for an at large bid, but wouldn’t receive an automatic bid.Independents, find yourself a conference because there won’t be any special rules for you see (ala Notre Dame) or play for one of the at-large bids.


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