Deja Vu

I caught this movie on Monday night. I had heard from friends that it wasn’t that great, so I went in with low expectations.

Was it a great movie? No. But it was entertaining. Kind of a cross between all the Denzel Washington cop movies with a little bit of a time travel twist thrown in. They didn’t play up the whole “deja vu” aspect of the movie much, but did do a decent job with the time travel bit. Denzel is Denzel and he does a good job playing a cop. He’s done it a lot and the role works for him. I won’t go into too many details for fear of giving away the ending. It was nice to see the Iceman (aka Val Kilmer) in a movie again.

Overall, it was an alright movie. I’ll probably end up watching it again when makes it way on to TV and I run into it channel surfing some day.

BTW, they did leave the door open for a sequel… Deja Vu II.

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