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I’ve added a new entry to the blog roll. Mr. Rykert living somewhere in corn country (sounds like Iowa if you ask me) chronicles his life on the water as do I. While he recently pulled out his two jumps, it appears that I was still skiing. Give the man props though, he has two jumps. I have access to the team’s jump which gets yanked in mid-September. Granted my back hasn’t agreed with me using the jump very much, but he has two jumps to remove, which is two more than me. Both appear to be better than our team’s jump. And it looks like he has a consistently calm (and apparently clean) body of water to ski on… something that to me is only a pipe dream. Never going to happen in Madison. If I want really calm water, I’m skiing in a swamp. Or in November on Thanksgiving.

On an slightly related note… the great solar bee experiment in Monona Bay has ended. They didn’t appear to be doing anything and, according to my sources, won’t be coming back. This means less obstacles to avoid while skiing in the (near) swamp land. Look at some of my other posts from the summer, and you’ll see the weeds.

On a related note to the my last comment… the fact that the bay is nearly swamp land is both good and bad. Bad because it is nasty to ski in. Completely and totally disgusting. If you ever see it, you will understand… instantly. Ever want to pretend to be the swamp thing, just do a deep in the wrong spot and you’ll have your opportunity to “dress up.” Good because since the water is so disgustingly nasty, no one else goes in there and the narrow path that is typically open in the summer is nearly always glass calm. As you can see, this is a dilemma that I go through while arguing for cleaner water. Yes, it would be best to have water that I don’t need to pretend is clean and hope doesn’t cause me to get sick or infected from something, but I also want it calm water. I’m torn. My health or calm water? Tough choice.

I do wonder why my legs itch all day at work after taking a morning set in there? Things to make you go “hmmmm…”

Now it is time to go enjoy the Stella induced sleep…

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

One thought on “New Blog Listed on the Right

  1. I’m not sure of that little wet spot you describe qualifies as a swamp. Where I come from, no gators + ice in winter = not a swamp. BTW, I fixed your link on my pageThanks for the free pub on your recent post


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