Stranger than Fiction

Another week, another new movie. Yes, I managed to catch Stranger than Fiction on Friday. Previews looked good going in. I kinda figured it wasn’t go to be a comedy, like Will Ferrell’s work so far, but I thought it looked promising.

I was right. The movie is a drama, but with lots of laughs. Will’s characters lives a monotonous life until one day he starts hearing a voice in his head. It’s female with an accent, and as he puts it, uses a better vocabulary. Things then get interesting. He goes to meet a literature expert, played by Dustin Hoffman who starts off trying to diagnose Will’s character as having the same thing as Rain Man (can’t think of the right term, so I won’t use any). He eventually comes around to the idea that yes, this guy does have someone narrating his life and tries to help him.

I’ll stop right there and leave it up to you to go see the rest of the story. I thought the movie was great and will probably be in some discussions for some acting awards for Ferrell. He pulls off his character that well.

Go check it out.

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