The Prestige

Are you watching closely?

That is one of the opening lines of The Prestige, if not the opening line of the movie. It would be if you did, because if you don’t watch closely, you’ll be left behind wondering what just happened.

I managed to catch this movie a while back. It was a movie I was anxiously waiting for because it was directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins). I wasn’t disappointed. It was a little strange to see a movie starring Bruce Wayne and Wolverine and have them not be super-heroes, but this shows that they do know how to act.

The movie’s premise is the competition between two magicians and their desire to one up the other. Nolan has proven himself to me to be a very crafty story teller. He has resurrected the Batman series and told one phenomenal story in Memento. Much like those movies, he weaves a very interesting story. It took me a while to really understanding how he was telling the story, but about half way through I knew what he was doing and am happy to say I figured out the end before hand, if only by a little bit. Although I did get the feeling that the people behind me were still confused once the credits came up.

I won’t go into many of the details of the story, other than to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and how it wove itself into some of the real history of the world. Much like the magic tricks in the movie, this movie has three parts and the third part is worth the wait.

If you like Memento, go see this movie. If you like a movie that keeps you thinking, also go see this movie.

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