Flags Of Our Fathers

Caught this movie on Friday. I remember hearing mixed reviews of it from when it came out originally. I would tend to agree.

The storytelling is a little disjointed, jumping from flashbacks to now, never really knowing who the first person perspective is that we are hearing the story from. Needless to say, it was a little confusing. Not that I want to piss of Clint Eastwood, but after watching Million Dollar Baby, I expect more.

Watching to learn a little about history, I found it very interesting. To see how our Nation rallied around a photo and the stress and strain it put on those individuals who were in it put the photo (and the memorial it inspired) into a whole new perspective. The portions showing the beach landing were also very interesting. Much like the opening of Saving Private Ryan, I thought they were very well done, probably just a notch below the level of intensity in the opening of Ryan. They make you realize just how horrible war is.

To summarize this already brief review, I found the historical portions of the movie interesting but the story telling a little hard to follow. Worth watching a some point, you’ll learn something new, but no need to run to the theatre.

Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima as shown in Flags Of Our Fathers
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