This movie came out before the fall season technically started, but not by much. For those that don’t know it is about a football player that pretty much walked on to the Eagles. They held open tryouts and he made it onto the team.

This movie amounts to a football player that more or less has one really big play early in his career. It was notable that he made the team since he didn’t play in college football. Kinda like Rudy, except for the NFL instead of College Football. Rudy was a better movie though.

This movie is alright though. It was entertaining, Mark Wahlberg plays the part well of Vince Papale, Greg Kinnear also did pretty good playing Dick Vermeil. Finally, Elizabeth Banks plays the hot girl friend to be as well. I knew she looked familiar and she had a recurring guest role on Scrubs.

My thought on the movie is although they pulled it off with Rudy, it is just hard to make a movie about a football player that only has one big play, and they didn’t quite pull it off this time. Although he impresses the coaches during tryouts, it sounds like he ends up making the team because off his love for the team. He grew up a fan of the team and bled Eagle green. The movie is predictable, but it was entertaining.

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