Let’s just start this off saying the Fall movie season has officially begun. In case you didn’t know, the Fall movie season is when they dump all the movies that they didn’t think would cut in the late spring/summer against better movies. They also release a lot of horror movies in the fall.

Crank isn’t a horror movie. And, yes, it is one of the others that I just mentioned. Crank is a very stylized movie that I wish they had put more thought into making an entertaining story as they thought about the style. It isn’t out and out a bad movie. It just isn’t very good. Luckily, it isn’t that long.

Some entertaining action sequences, ridiculous chase sequences, and an abrupt ending. Admittedly, I dozed off briefly towards the end, I think I only missed a couple of minutes, but I was just a little confused about how we got there. Not sure if it was just poor story or I did doze off.

Jason Statham played the main character, Chelios, about as well as one could do with the part. Amy Smart is also in the movie and that never hurts. She plays a blonde. That about sums up her character.

The popcorn was good.

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