Wear Pants and Meet Jack?

Here are some random thoughts from throughout the day…

First up, the Tour de Lance, er France I mean. The news today was that American Floyd Landis has taken the lead in the Tour. Besides taking the lead on what they are calling one of the most difficult stages (kind of like Lance kicking but in the mountains), he’s doing it with a bad hip that will need to get not just fixed, but replaced. Which makes this even more impressive. Now I don’t follow bicycling enough to know much more than what I see on ESPN or OLN, but go Landis! [Landis image from FoxSports.com/Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images]

Next up, Do You Know Jack? As in Jack the radio station! Apparently Jack is now two years old as a format and is doing well. What’s the format you ask? You pick a bunch of really good songs from the past 30 years or so and play them in a convoluted order, I mean thoroughly researched order for maximum effect. Besides the huge play list, they did away with the DJs and just use brief voiceovers. The Jack format as it is called is actually very specific. If you want your station to be a Jack you need to follow specific guidelines regarding pretty much everything about your station. It seems to be surprising station programmers that listeners want to hear a wide variety of music of vary styles and contrasts (other than all being good) and very few repeats. Play 1000+ different songs instead of 300 songs focusing in on just the top 40 of those (i.e. play 80 songs and 40 of them are the core rotation sprinkling in the other 260 in occasionally.)

If you live in the Mad-town, you actually get to listen to Jack’s cousin Charlie. If you get XM you can also listen to Jack’s distant relatives Ethel, Lucy and Fred.

Meanwhile over on the race tracks, it seems Ms. Danica Patrick is contemplating a move from the IRL to NASCAR. If she makes the move, she is obviously going to get even more press from the more races. Now Mr. Whitlock over at ESPN believes she should stay in the IRL, just jump to a different team to get the best equipment, then kick ass and take names. After winning a race or two over in the IRL, then jump to NASCAR and repeat. This sounds like a good idea to me. Although if she jumps to a new IRL team, like the Target team, we may get even more Danica time. She’d be a good spokeswoman for Target. For some reason, I just don’t see that many commercials for Argent Mortgage, but I see those damn red dots of Target all the time.

How could she not be a good spokesmodel? [ESPN.com/Chris Carlson/AP Photo]

Finally, over in England, apparently the police force are launching an advertising campaign to get women to wear nice pants when they go out to the bars. Not just pants, but nice pants (Dockers may have a law suit they could win here). From the sound of it, they have a problem with women drinking till they are drunk, stumble out of the bar, pass out drunk in the street wearing short skirts that ride up and expose more than they’d probably like. The kicker is that in addition to wearing nice pants, they are recommending that the women get waxed too! Think I’m making this up, I’m not. Here is the article from Reuters.

[Update] Here’s a bonus story about some really stupid criminals.

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