Superman Returns

So I finally caught Superman Returns the other day. And I saw it on the IMAX in 3-D. Between skiing, work, a 1015 start time and 150 minute run time, it has been difficult to fit into the schedule. But I crammed it in regardless…

Be warned, this review contains spoilers…

Overall, I thought the movie did a good job bringing back Superman to the big screen. Seeing as how this movie has been in development hell for what seems like forever, it was even pretty coherent. I thought they could have tightened up the movie a bit, maybe trim about 15 minutes to make the pacing better, but it wasn’t bad.

I like the fact that they kept some of the cheesiness of Superman in the movie and didn’t make it completely modern. He even says swell. They have the latest cell phones and digital cameras but for some reason still seem to live in a world dominated by newspapers. I loved the whole model train scene. I thought it was actually a double reference. First, to the train scene in one of the original Superman movies and, second, to way the special effects use to be done, using models instead of CGI. It even foreshadowed a little bit.

I thought most of the effects were well done, but there were a couple that were just a little to CGI looking. Nothing major, but it was something I noticed. The plane sequence was very well done. The Daily Planet planet logo falling was also a good sequence.

The new Lois Lane played by Kate Bosworth is great. Definitely an upgrade. Lex Luther played by Kevin Spacey did one hell of a good job pretending to be Gene Hackman, and I mean that as a compliment. Whoever played Jimmy Olson brought the little photographer back to live as well. For Brandon Routh who played Superman, I say good job, but still no Christopher Reeve (its hard to believe that someone from the MTV show Undressed is still doing anything in front of the camera). But given time, he may fit better. It is just hard to replace someone who defined the role. One again, props to the new Lois Lane, Ms. Kate Bosworth (she was great in Blue Crush as well).

The premise of the movie was big enough to be a Superman dilemma and was actually a Superman dilemma instead of some random catastrophe.

Overall, I thought the movie was good. It was fun to see on the giant IMAX screen but the 3D I could take or leave. Don’t think that added anything for me. This is probably a movie I’ll pick up someday. Makes me want to watch the first couple again (which I haven’t seen in forever). From what I’ve heard this movie takes place after 1 & 2 and the others don’t exist.

Still undecided, here’s a trailer…

Finally, the line of the movie…

“I’ve done Superman!”
– Lois Lane

Truly an awesome line!!!

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One thought on “Superman Returns

  1. I’m glad that you put the trailer on your site. I didn’t have any urgency about going to the theater to see the latest superman film because in the back of my mind I was remembering the tragic event that happened with the first superman on the screen, Christopher Reeve, it seems that none of us are infallible. I loved the comic book superheroes and I am wondering whether this particular version will satisfy the needs of the audience for a person larger than life that they can live up to. I doubt that people will realize that they are their own heroes to the significant others in their lives if they are always dependent upon someone else telling them who is man and who is superman. After viewing the video trailer, I’m fairly certain that I won’t go to see the film although the trailer is quite nicely put together. I noticed, in addition, that the role of Lois Lane seems to be a much more natural fit for this actress than the actress who played with Christopher Reeve. I went to film school at UCLA and I worked on Altered States at Warner Brothers with the fellow from England who actually edited the movie, superman, the omen, and is now directing. I think that people in general should take time out to see slower paced films that reveal more of the common humanity among people. these are what I would really like to see again. I liked the Italian Neo-Realistic films, for instance, where there wasn’t a lot of flashy cutting and the people who acted in them may have been just like their colleagues and contemporaries in other places around the world.I’m Samoht Kcinep Rowlf. I can be seen on youtube Broadcast Yourself.setthetable. 7/12/06 11:08 pm.Los Angeles, CA.


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