War of the Worlds

This review contains spoilers… you’ve been warned…

It was a toss up between seeing this and “the Smiths”. This started fifteen minutes earlier so I choose this one. It is an average summer action flick. Lots of stuff get’s blown up and new ways to vaporize people with fictional weapons were shown. What pissed me off the most is…. here comes the spoilers… the way the aliens are defeated. How lame is it that they just up an die!!!! Second thing that really pissed me off… the big cities seem to pretty much get vaporized, but then the people they are traveling to are somehow untouched and unfazed in Boston. His son magically made it there first with no explanation about how. For popcorn flick prowess, this movie rates a matinee ticket. However, you might leave the theater pissed off about the ending. I know I did. i think they pretty much ran out of ways to blow stuff up and said “ok, it is time to end the picture, so lets do it NOW”.

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