My Crazy Summer Schedule

Here is a little overview of my life in the summer…

Saturday – June 25 – Up at 515 to be at ski practice by 6am. Barefooting at 610. Injured at 612. Couldn’t move my right arm for most of the day… Skiing in four highs later that morning. Four highs weren’t bad, but the transfers where they stood on my injured shoulder, extremely painful. Practice finishes up at 230. Decide to take the ski team truck to Janesville today. Make it half way there and it the clutch burns up. Spend 2 hours waiting for a tow truck. Get back to Madison and load all equipment from trucks into the trailers. Get home at 830. Eat supper. Complete voice-overs and music mixing at Midnight and go to bed…

Sunday – June 26 – Wake up and my shoulder is in extreme pain. Reaching to turn off the alarm clock was excruciating. Leave for Janesville at 7. Arrive by 8. Ski at 1215. Nearly died of heat running sound on black top in 95 heat which felt like 120 where I was located. Load up all equipment. Stop for lunch. Make it back to Madison. Setup for night show. Head out after show. Get home at 10pm.

Monday – June 27 – My day “off” – Up at 530 to be on the water by 6. Home at 930. Change oil in boat. Head to lake at 1145 to go skiing, again. Back at 330. Eat snack, watch Family Guy. Go to ski site for practice at 6. Home at 930.

Tuesday – June 28 – My easy day – Go to work, go to practice, head out. Home at 10.

Wednesday – June 29 – Up at 545 to be skiing at 630. Done at 830 and go to work. Finish work at 545 and go to practice. Home at 10.

Thursday – June 30 – Just like the 29th. Except Home at 10, go to get gas for boat and then get boat ready for Friday. Bed at midnight.

Friday – July 1st – Up at 7. Get boat and truck loaded up and ready to go. Go to work. Very long and busy day at work. Get call saying my third, and then my second can’t make it just before I leave work. Make some calls, no answers. Head home. Finally get a call to be a third for some friends so I drop my boat off and go skiing. Re injure my already injured shoulder while barefooting at a far to slow of a speed. Get home. Head out. Bed at 1am.

Saturday – July 2nd – Wake up 8 to go skiing with the Family. Get home at noon. Take nap. Go to Rhythm and Booms. Assisted on another fine parking job. Watch the fireworks from ground zero. Booms over at 1030. Back in car at 1100. In a bar at 1120. Can’t do much better than that. (BTW, the live music broadcast quality sucked. The booms were picked up by the mikes and broadcast as well. Not sure what they were thinking putting the orchestra under the fireworks and not thinking they might have some audio difficulties. The pre-show music by Sandy something. Really bad. And I mean really bad.) Out at the bars till bar time. Get some food. Home at 4am.

Sunday – July 3rd – Head to parents for mom’s b-day. Go to ski show. Watch WOTW. Go to bed. Easy day and early night.

All the while, my shoulder is still very sore, waking up is not something that is nice to do… it involves reaching for my alarm clock with the arm attached to my bad shoulder. It hasn’t gotten any easier the entire week.

Summers only a hundred or so days long and try to make the most of the days that have nice weather…

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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