Kung Fu Hustle & The Interpreter

Watched another double feature last night and this time I picked two, yes two, entertaining movies.

Lets start with the first one I watched, Kung Fu Hustle. While thinking of a way to categorize this movie, I came up empty. It seems to fall into so many different categories that it almost defies categorization, except that at heart it truly is a “kung fu” movie. There is a little song and dance, there is comedy (lots of comedy), fighting, action, and shockingly, there is even a plot (something that way too many action movies forget to include). Now it isn’t’ a spectacular movie by any means, but for the 90 or so minutes, I was entertained completely. The plot isn’t overbearing and doesn’t get in the way, but there is a plot that develops the characters into people that you care about (something that Mission Impossible 2 didn’t do, more on that in another post). The action scenes are very well done and funny to boot. Definitely well worth the price of admission, but probably only a matinee ticket, unless you are a true kung fu movie fan. Also, the fact that it is subtitled, may scare off some people so it may not be a movie that everyone enjoys…

The second movie in the double feature was The Interpreter staring Nicole Kidman. Now Nicole Kidman isn’t typically an actress that will draw me to a movie, but I’ve been pretty hard up for a decent movie lately and this looked like one. And I wasn’t disappointed. Once again, this movie has a plot (I’ll get into my dislike of plot less movie when I gave my scathing review of MI2 sometime) and a plot is almost always a plus (I won’t say always a plus, because when I do, some movie will come out without a plot and it’ll work). 30 second overview… Kidman plays an interpreter from an African country, overhears a plan to assassinate a foreign leader, tells the “cops” and then it gets interesting. I won’t go into too many details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. The movie was very entertaining and kept me guessing for most of it. Well worth an evening ticket and your date and you should both enjoy it. I just wish more were at least this good.

Coming in next week’s column, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m very curious as to how they adapted this classic novel to the big screen.

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