What to say about myself…

First off, I am a very enthusiastic water skier. I probably think about it too much. Way too much. Even in the off season, I’m thinking about it. I ski as late into the fall as I possibly can and start out in the spring as early as possible. I’m a member of the Mad-City Ski Team, a competitive show ski team. We’ve traditionally had one of the most entertaining ski shows that people look forward to seeing at State and Nationals and in 2004, 2006 and 2007, we’ve won the both the Wisconsin State and National Championships.

I grew up in the state of Wisconsin and still live hear. I’m a Badger fan and will be for life. I follow the football, basketball and hockey teams. They help to distract me from the lack of water skiing I get to do in the winter (aka the off season). It would be a safe statement to say that I also follow the Packers.

I work in the tech industry and have a job that I usually enjoy. Yes, there are bad days now then, but you’ll get those in just about every job. There are many more good days than bad and I work with a great group of people. I do get to travel a little bit and have been to Portland, Gary and Cleveland for work. No place really nice, but the trips have been fun. I’ve managed to visit friends on most of my trips. Best part is, my job pays for my water skiing addiction.

Besides water skiing and Badger sports, I probably watch too much TV, see a lot of movies and read a lot of books. I manage to keep myself pretty busy. I enjoy a lot of music, but I’m probably pretty partial to Pearl Jam, but like a pretty wide variety.

I have a lot of family, most living pretty close to me. And my family is very important to me.

No pets currently, but I eventually want to get a dog when I have the time to properly care for it. Right now I can’t justify leaving it home alone all day long. My days in the summer typically consist of waking up, skiing at least a couple mornings a week in the summer, going to work, occasionally skiing at lunch, working the rest of the day and then skiing after work. I’ll leave about 6am on days I ski and 730 on days I don’t and get home about an hour or so after sunset (between 830 & 930). These days would just be too long to leave a dog home alone.

Finally, I’m single and looking.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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