Men’s Open Finals Update

Found this update on the Australian Barefoot Team Page

The Men’s are all up[ and back and conditions for them were the same so no problems in that regard. The skiing was  great and just waiting for the scores to be posted. Welll I can safely tell you that this sport will always throw up a challenge. Both Bill Brzoza and Keith St Onge from the USA have tied for the gold at this stage. That means a run off to decide the champion.

Well just to give you an update on things here in Otaki, we are on hold because of conditions. The wind is up and water isn’t looking very friendly. And just to add it’s bloody cold as well!

Finally back to the water and it’s Women’s and Men’s tricks. The water is challenging but we are still seeing the big tricks and starts coming out and looking good. Ashleigh is away last off the dock in the Women’s and goes in about 3/4 way in her 1st pass. Ski’s all the way home so it’s a wait and see on the final results. Good skiing by all the Ladies. In Men’s tricks it all comes down to who’s doing it best on the day. Conditions are tricky.

Guess we need to wait a bit more to find out who’ll win.

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